Following the BOSS Black and HUGO series of glasses with great success, BOSS Orange is poised to launch its first series of glasses. BOSS Orange optical mirror reflects the brand young fashionable concept, follow the new trend of the current design of the most innovative.
The street fashion is a source of inspiration to men’s optical lens combination, or the use of ultra light steel with fine appearance, or decorated with decorative hollow effect BOSS Orange identified as BO 0004. Color tone is light brown, matte black, matte black, dark olive, green, silver, deep color with light blue, beige ru.


Sporty this BOSS BLACK Sunglasses designed for HUGO BOSS sailing sailing project design. The sunglasses called “ALEX 99″, is the “official glasses HUGO BOSS” sailing team, named after captain Alex Thomson. Considering the aerodynamic design of the overall framework, metal signs block reveal a unique personality, and with the words “ALEX 99″, shows the pilot captain and sailing. The sunglasses offers a variety of color schemes, including matt black, light black, blue, silver and white color, Havana aluminum, using polarized lenses, to provide the best visual enjoyment at the same time, effectively prevent various reflection, will become a good partner of outdoor sports.

Eyebrow glasses

Shuron company Jack Rohrbach invented it in 1947. In the last century 50′s, the glasses almost occupy the half of total sales in the other eye; it has a very strong retro feeling, you can easily put out the elegant and refined, like James Dean or Malcolm X, easy to create the classic “Mad Men” feeling.
Don’t be deceived, eyebrow glasses can not be limited to retro feel, it is suitable for any dress, let you easily upgrade the overall style. Wear it, even the people of what do you think of it, it is only that you smart, at least we think that Kanye West is willing to try this kind of framework.

The release of Oakley 2012 and Rare Prints series

Every year Oakley launched by different artists and designers to create the Rare Prints painted sunglasses, reflect the different personalities in the frame, sought after by the star trendsetter. This cooperation object flowers independent designer La Boca, who is mainly engaged in film, music and fashion industry, with a 80′s style it is self-evident.
The spring and summer of 2012 Rare Prints series was inspired by 80′s checkered pattern colorful in the traditional Wayfarer frame, there are four kinds of styles from the bold overhangs the colorful light to the gray slightly low-key, there are more suitable for office wear light blue crystal block brown tone frame and suitable for outdoor sunlight the orange section area. The unique patterns and colors to build deep pondering sense is the best partner to make a fashion statement in your summer.

Type in the cloud Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator Sunglasses – Aviator Sunglasses, or pilot s glasses, “was born in 1936, is the first military supplies, air force equipped with standard, so as to avoid the eyes from UV damage in flight accident.
Aviator Sunglasses popular dating back to Philippines during the Second World War – General Macarthur won the battle of Leyte Island landing, announced the general of the army to return. He is wearing sunglasses appeared in the news media, strong, strong and unstoppable heroes let Aviator Sunglasses rapidly popular in the United States and the world.

Oakley released 2012 new colorful summer very protective sunglasses

The world’s top sports brand Oakley has excellent coating technology, the innovation of technology and fashion the perfect convergence, is committed to the broad masses of consumers new HD visual experience and eye protection. In the summer of 2012, Oakley again heavy attack, leading the fashion trend of the wind among the most popular, in the summer to bring cool experience binocular. The Oakley with five new series of stunning appearance of leisure life, excellent design and excellent quality to ensure wearing comfort and vigorous personality. At the same time, the Oakley’s top professional sports technology — HDO all new lenses (High Definition Optics) as in the past the high definition optical technology, made of Plutonite material, and provides the optimized visual clarity, harmful blue light and ultraviolet wavelength filtering and 100% to 400 nm, infinitely more calm and confident for your summer travel.

“007 series” Tom Ford new sunglasses series

Tom Ford’s name is enough people in droves, not to mention the James Bond like Tom Ford? Tom Ford Marko series of new sunglasses mirror is the pilot model, four color to provide you various outfit choice. Daniel Craig in the new 007 Series 007 movie “skyfall” big break (Skyfall) in the elegant light silver, you will choose which one?

Phillip Lim spring / summer 2013 21 limited edition Sunglasses

3.1 Phillip Lim is preparing to launch the spring and summer of 2013 Limited Edition sunglasses. This time they sought a different design style. From the circular frame Sunglasses Dark striped lining, to the Golden Square sunglasses, the Japanese made simple, chic sunglasses. At the same time lenses of different colors, green, purple, pink, brown and dark stripes, the absolute attractive to the eye.

Oakley Homme launched the BlackTie series of new sunglasses

Oakley Homme BlackTie series, fully embodies the essence of the glasses, in the new season with innovative ideas to re interpretation of the classic design. Aluminum plate with transparent crystal glasses legs, more lightweight slim. Glasses with unique hand technology and advanced production process, the design and exercise one’s inventive mind modern simplicity of material combination, to create a restrained upright man. Creative Oakley Homme sunglasses to highlight Oakley and superb skills, to pay more attention to the unique design of the new definition of modern aesthetics.

Oakley True Fit series not only to achieve the perfect fit for wearing feeling

Oakley True Fit series not only to achieve the perfect fit for wearing feeling, bring more accurate, clear visual experience for consumers in Asia, and the competent sports leisure and business needs “unbounded” way of life.
In the True Fit series Oakley lens technology adhering to the unique HDO (High Definition Optics) high definition optics lens, is made by Plutonite material, the optimization of visual clarity, harmful blue light and ultraviolet wavelength filtering and 100% to 400 nm, so that the wearer clear vision, precision. Polarized lenses and lens retained two choice of lens material choice, consumers can choose according to their own needs.
Design of science and technology and leading the trend of the tip of the lens has given Oakley True Fit series multi function characteristics, easy to work, sports, outdoor living environment change. True Fit series Holbrook LX and Frogskins LX sunglasses, either party, or with a street, and even outdoor biking, snowboarding and other extreme sports can all get.